Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Historical Stories of Survival: A Review

A few years ago I did a review of Justine Gamble's Girls of American History unit study curriculum -- intriguing lessons about history based on the American Girl book series.

Justine is back with another great unit study curriculum:

an engaging study of history, targeting 2nd through 5th graders, based on the I Survived series of books.

The I Survived books cover various key subjects/events throughout the ages:

  • Pompeii
  • The Titanic
  • The American Revolution
  • Pearl Harbor
  • September 11th
  • ...and other significant catastrophes

A comprehensive guide of study, Historical Stories of Survival works alongside the I Survived series to provide a well-rounded, exciting view of these time periods.

Justine's heart is to provide an education that draws students in and helps them remember what they learn. Through her curriculum she provides a multi-sensory experience for children.

The Titanic unit, for instance, has a long list of resources to pick and choose from: books, Titanic build kits, coloring books, puzzles, etc. In the unit guide itself, there are fill-in-the-blanks, word searches, and a board game you can create! Through various readings and activities children are encouraged to read, hear, see, write, and do things that enhance their learning of the subject.

Each unit is intended to take about six weeks. During the first week, you read "I Survived" book, do crafts, and create a lapbook. During the subsequent five weeks, you continue the study through subject-related books and activities, using the lenses of history, geography, science, and language.

The units include:

  • Detailed weekly schedules
  • Book list: required and suggested
  • Craft resources
  • Field Trip Ideas
  • And more!
Depending on how you choose to use the material, Historical Stories of Survival can be used as more of a core curriculum or as a supplement to what you are already teaching in your home. 

If you are looking for a well put-together, history curriculum that will educate and entice your elementary students, check out Historical Stories of Survival.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Iced Coffee - My Favorite Summer Drink

Iced coffee has become my favorite drink this summer! I learned how to make a good cup of it on my own, and now I'm attached! It's a perfect way to drink coffee on these warmer summer days.

You can make fantastic iced coffee by the cup or by the pitcher.

By the cup - My favorite way!
Brewed Coffee
Half and Half
Chocolate Syrup

If your coffee is hot, you will want to make sure you use a cup that won't crack when pouring in the coffee. I LOVE my insulated cup.

First, place a handful of ice in your cup - to fill it about halfway.
Next, pour in the coffee. You will not want to fill the cup more than about 3/4 full.
Add a good dollop of half and half or you can use milk and/or cream, or even creamer.
Then put in about 1 to 2 T of chocolate syrup, stirring briskly.
If your coffee was freshly brewed, you will want to add another layer of ice.
*You can choose a different sweetener than chocolate syrup - creamer, another flavored syrup...

By the pitcher
Courtesy of Comfy in the Kitchen
5 cups of brewed, strong coffee
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup cream

First, I like to pour some ice into the pitcher.
Next pour in the coffee.
Add water, sugar, and cream and mix well.
Add more ice and keep refrigerated.

Monday, June 19, 2017

My Summer Bucket List: Relax, Refresh, Regroup

Normally when someone makes a summer bucket list it looks like this:

*Picnic in the park
*Go to the beach
*Ride bikes to the local ice cream parlor

This summer my bucket list is less concrete and more conceptual.


Entering into the summer, I was over-extended. Worn out. Juggling a lot of balls.

To be honest, this struggle has been going on for years now, and it seems hard to break the cycle in this crazy, fast-paced world.

BUT this summer, I am trying to do something about that.

My intentions and hope for the summer are for me to get to a spot where I feel confident and strong heading back into fall with a new school year full of demands and decisions.

FIRST, I am planning to RELAX more.  I need time just to sit and do nothing. Time to watch the British Baking Show with my family. Permission to wake up late some days, take naps, and sit and smell the roses. Time to play games with my kids, go for walks with my husband, and ENJOY the summer.

SECOND, I am planning to REFRESH. As I stated, I desire to be more confident and strong and more at peace as I head back into the fall. I need strength - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. I am prioritizing Bible times, breaking away from the snare of social media, planning for healthier eating and physical activity, and continually trying to make decisions that help me focus on taking care of myself and my household and living the life God has created for me.

THIRD, I am planning to REGROUP, to reorganize and review my home and life. I am taking care of projects around the house that are hard to get to throughout the year - starting with painting our kitchen cabinets, which I am currently in the middle of doing. I need to file away last year's school and plan for the next year. I need to make a good plan for the classes I teach at our homeschool group and church and get teachers and curriculum established for the girls' groups I oversee at church. There is plenty for me to do to feel prepared and renewed for the new year's duties.

I read something on Instagram today, and it fits the bill as the desire for my children and for myself.

"We tend to think that our children need a summer full of activities. What they really need is some down time, family time, and maybe even a little bit of boredom."

This is my prayer for myself and my household, that we will have some down time and some connecting time -- time just to sit and appreciate life, time to regroup and feel ready for what lies ahead.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Giveaway for Mother's Day - $15 Amazon Gift Card

Mother's Day is around the corner, and I'm giving away a $15 Amazon gift card! (and I am not being paid by Amazon to do it).

This gift comes from me to you. ~SMILE~

Moms are important! They give life to the new generation, and then they pour their hearts into them: raising, training, loving, giving, serving ... endlessly.

This giveaway is for you, moms.

Happy Mother's Day!
I pray your day is truly blessed.

I will announce the winner Friday morning. Wouldn't that be a good way to start the weekend?!

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pure Flix: Enhancing Your Homeschool Curriculum with Media

What do you think of when someone says, "Pure Flix"?

Family-friendly media streaming? Yep, me too!

And when I think of that, I think of sitting down for a nice, entertaining show, 
but did you realize you can use Pure Flix
as a resource for your homeschool?

Pure Flix has movies about Science, History, Government and more!

How wonderful it is to supplement your regular curriculum with media that your student will enjoy, reinforcing his learning and introducing new material!

If you'd like to try a sample of what Pure Flix has to offer, they have a FREE 4-week homeschool curriculum. 

Below you will find more benefits to using Pure Flix and some of their resources. For more information you can check out Christian movies at PureFlix.com.

Friday, April 14, 2017

My Easter Menu

I have finally got my Easter menu under control. My menu seems to be fairly similar from year to year, with a little tweaking here and there.

This year's menu:

Crockpot chicken piccata
Honey glazed carrots
Broccoli salad
Cheesy potatoes (from my mom)
Farmhouse Bread
Banana Split Dessert

Does your menu stay consistent from year to year?
What are you eating this Easter?

Special foods help us celebrate a special occasion...

Jesus' glorious RESURRECTION from the dead, 
after living a sacrificial life and dying a sacrificial death.
He lived and died that we might truly LIVE.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Oven Baked Mexican Rice

Yes, I am still alive.

It's been a month since I've posted. Ugh.

My husband went to India for a few weeks. I could blame it on that.
Motherhood is requiring all of my energies and more. I could blame it on that.
Or I could just blame it on the sheer fact that I haven't posted.

Yep. I just haven't done it. So hopefully that will change.

And it does starting now...

I am sharing a wonderfully delicious recipe for Oven Baked Mexican Rice. I absolutely LOVE this recipe.

I have made this recipe for my family.
I have made this recipe for friends.
I have made this recipe to eat as a side dish and even made it as a main dish for lunch one day.

It is delicious and simple. The only glitch is that it takes a good chunk of time to cook it, so you have to remember to prep it and get it cooking, long before you want to eat it!

Oven Baked Mexican Rice
Original found here at Immaculate Bites
Printable Version

1 medium onion, chopped
1 14 oz can tomatoes, or Ro-tel, or tomato sauce (I have made it all three ways and love them all! My daughter likes the tomato sauce version the best).
1/2 cup cooking oil. I use olive oil.
3 cups rice. I use brown or basmati brown. (If you use white, cooking time should reduce).
2 t salt
1 T paprika
1 T garlic powder
4 cups chicken broth
1 t black pepper
1 1/2 t cumin
3/4 t chili powder

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix all of the ingredients in a 9 x 13 pan and stir well.

Cover tightly with one sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil or two sheets of regular aluminum foil.

Carefully put it in the oven and cook for about an hour and 15 minutes. I check to see if most of the liquid has been absorbed.

Take out of the oven, wait 5 minutes, and then fluff, mix, and serve!